Barehanded 13

Barehanded 13

Documentary about the baseball player Omar Vizquel

Mcklopedia The Last Battle

Mcklopedia The Last Battle

The Maniacs

The Maniacs

Surf documentary about three promises venezuelans surfers

Barehanded 13
A Mano Limpia 13


"A Mano Limpia 13" is an inspiring documentary about a baseball fan who wants to meet his idol: Omar Vizquel.  That brings you behind the scenes for an up close and personal look of this latino baseball star Omar Vizquel and the journey of this fan who was present recording the ups and down of his idol. In a series of new and never before seen candid interviews with the man himself that go far beyond baseball, Vizquel welcomes Rafael and you into his world, his life as he tells his phenomenal story and shares his philosophies and experiences with entertaining wisdom, humor and honesty."


Producer: Kuyatazito and Balkong Studios

Director: Rafael Dubois-Marina Uzcategui

Motion Graphics: Luis Miguel Ruibal



Mcklopedia, The Last Battle
Mcklopedia la última Batalla

"Mcklopedia, The Last Battle” is about the life of the Venezuelan singer rapper Ramses Meneses, who participated in the National and Internationals freestyler competition organized by Red Bull between 2006-2009. Besides this rapper never won official tittle through many years in different countries en this Hispanic competition.


Producer: Marina Uzcátegui y Luis M. Ruibal Scholtz

Director: Marina Uzcátegui y Luis Miguel Ruibal

Original Idea: Luis M. Ruibal Scholtz


Video Editor: Marina Uzcategui

Motion Graphics and design: Luis Miguel Ruibal










Facing up Colombia acid attacks 


Acid attack survivors in Colombia are predominantly women, attacked by jealous partners, resentful neighbours or even at random. A new law signed in 2016 by Colombia’s President aims to ensure that those convicted of carrying out acid attacks will serve between 12 and 50 years in prison, depending on the severity of the wounds. Until now, attacks were treated as cases of domestic violence carrying shorter sentences and few convictions have been made.


This project sets out to document the lives of women survivors of acid attacks in Colombia, offering an intimate view of the complex lives in the aftermath of these life-changing events. Undergoing painful and extensive reconstructive surgery while juggling family and work, living in perpetual fear, these women are fighting to bring their attackers to justice and struggling to find their place in society as they deal with life changing consequences of these traumatic assaults.


Producer: Betty Laura Zapata

Director: Betty Laura Zapata

Video Editor: Marina Uzcategui 


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The Maniacs
Los Maniáticos

Follows the lives of three world-class Venezuelans surfers: Francisco "Lolo" Bellorín, Jesus "The Portu" Chacon and Rafael "Nono" Pereira , being the first and the second Choroní Anare, Vargas State.

Although Venezuela does not have the best waves of Latin America, these three Venezuelans were able to represent the country through each stop of the ALAS Latin Tour 2008 (Latin American Association of Surfing Professionals).


Producer: Balkong Studios

Director: Marina Uzcategui, Juan Tagliafico, Luis Miguel Ruibal. 


Link documentary:áticos




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